Contemporary/Pop Artists

B-Mode by Polke uses dots and “weird” combinations of other styles.

B-Mode by Polke
Rauschenberg’s work titled Hollywood Sphinx is my “favorite” of these pop art works, but still nothing I really like.

Hollywood Sphinx by rauschenberg
Lichtenstein used Benday dots as shown in Sun Rays is a simple work using dots and solid fills to color in the picture.Modern Painting with Sun Rays by Roy Lichtenstein
Warhol’s Birth of Venus is like the original work with a twist of using highlights and pink skin thus creating “pop art” out of a classic painting and ruining the original.

Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus by Warhol
Jeremy Scheuch’s Brontosaurs-Rainbow is much more demented and in come cases gory then the previous artist mentioned.  I don’t get what his message is in the work, if any. I don’t particularly care for the pop art style as a whole.

Brontosaurus Rainbow by Jeremy Scheuch
These artists and this movement called contemporary/pop art, in my option, basically trashes conventions of other styles. It’s like they are trying to be different and instead of coming up with a fresh new style all their own, they just randomly combined different styles with no rhyme or reason.



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