Drop Dead Gorgeous series

Death by Slim Fast – American females are stereotyped to be obsessed over the media and Hollywood views of what is beautiful. American females are stereotyped to starve themselves in order to have the prefect skinny body that Hollywood promotes. They will not eat or eat very little to the point of starvation. There have been some who have gone to the extreme and ended up dying in order to achieve this goal they are obsessed over to the point nothing else matters. The fact that she is naked, wearing a hat thing and with the Slim Fast all back up my believe that she is obsessed over a really skinny body that she starved herself to death with Slim Fast. The Slim Fast is more than likely the only thing she was drinking and not eating. With her lying on the ground, shows that she has low self-esteem issues and doesn’t care about herself. She solely relies on society for her self-worth and beauty.
In general this series, there is the stereotyped link between American women, food, dieting, society’s views of women’s worth, beauty and what they are supposed to be. How females have low self-esteem and self-worth. They don’t care about their own body and its overall health, but rather what society’s views of her gender. Like a long standing belief that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Each picture shows the female with only one type of food or beauty product each, thus showing some of the craziness of the lengths these ladies have tried in order to achieve what is believed beautiful. The lifesavers diet for example, where the girl only eats lifesavers. The photographer uses the food to represent the crazy diets to show the obsession with the skinny bodies that are deemed what is beautiful in society by Hollywood. The use of beauty products represents the obsession with outer beauty and the torture they put themselves thru.
Death by Depilation shows that it isn’t just women who are affected by this, but men are as well.


Daniela Edburg


Q: In the series Drop Dead Gorgeous, what do you think are the links between the objects, gender, and context?

Death by Lifesavers Death by Slim Fast


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