Erik Johansson

“Drifting Away” is a great way of showing how mankind are drifting part from each other and attempting to live alone and “independently” from others. They have forgotten that, just like dogs, humans are pack animals and need each other to survive. No one person is an island. This picture shows how cold and lonely we have become and how we drift threw life.

cutandfold zip city

In the picture “Cut & Fold” and “Zip City” appear to be a statement of how man made things, like roads, are tearing up nature and causing humans to grow apart from each other as well as nature. Nature had a perfect ecosystem before humans began to evolve and inventing newer and newer things. Or should we say inventing more and more destruction of what was a perfect ecosystem. Humans, as a whole, have forgotten that we are a part of nature and to destroy nature is the means to our end.


“Cutting light” shows how what humans create is destructive and possibly dangerous.

In general, humans live an illusion of how they think what life is all about and ignore what is really going on around them. They live a lie that they have told themselves and we can thank the media for its role in this. The biggest problem is that people don’t want to believe what is reality, because it can be painful. They would rather live a lie, adrift, alone and in a cold bubble.  Leaving them to wonder what life is all about, the meaning of life and what their purpose is.  It is all quite simple, the answer is 42.

Reference to the number 42:


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