Teun Hocks

Teun-Hocks-Painted-Photo-works-4-594x406 Teun-Hocks-Photo-works-9-594x570 Teun-Hocks-Photo-works-11-594x445

Teun Hocks’ technique on how he makes his photos.

He starts off making drawings of thoughts he has and as he is working it starts to become clear to him what it will become.  He will later come back to the sketches and using the ones that stand out to him, he draws again being more precise and in color.  Then he builds and paints the setting while checking and controlling every part using digital photos.  He compares these photos to his drawing.  Creating the desired lighting, he takes Polaroids of himself.  When he is satisfied with which one to print, he makes larger “black and white prints on fiber-based photographic paper, tone them to sepia, glue them on aluminum and start coloring them with transparent oil-paint.”1


Talk about the role of humor in his work.

“A mixture of photography combined with painting and drawing, Teun Hocks‘s artworks beat the limits of reality, by placing a middle aged character in absurd situations.”2


He places an old man in situations that you would not normally imagine an old man in and the more absurd the situation the more humorous it is.


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