My creature’s beginning

There was a young lad on a journey to find himself and his calling. While walking thru the woods, he found a poor kitten. The kitten was treed by a pack of wolfs. He fought the wolves off by throwing large rocks at them. After he rescued the kitten, fed her and told her to be on her way. The kitten thanked him and vowed to repay his kindness one day. The young lad didn’t think there was much a cat could do to help him and he went on his way.
On morning, he woke and found a big beautiful butterfly trapped in a large spider’s web about ready to become lunch. The brave young man scared off the spider with a flaming stick from his night’s fire and freed the butterfly from the sticky web and told it to be on its way. The butterfly thanked him and vowed to repay his kindness one day. Because he didn’t think a butterfly could help him, he went on his way.
A few days later, the young lad heard some frantic hissing and yelling, so he went over to investigate. He found an old farmer yelling at a snake and trying to chop him up into pieces with his shovel. The young man started talking in a loud spooky voice warning the old farmer not to kill his snake or that he would take the shovel and chop him up into little pieces. The old man was frightened by this, dropping the shovel he ran off away from the spooky threatening voice. The young lad came over to make sure the snake was alright. The snake thanked him and vowed to repay his kindness one day. The young lad shook his head, not believing that a snake would be able to help him in any way.
Many years later, the man was robbed on his way home and one of the robbers stabbed him through the heart before running off with his gold. He was left there dying. The cat, the butterfly and the snake wondered down the dirt road and found him. They were upset by this. Since they all had vowed to repay his kindness, they each tried to give him their lives in order to save his, but individually they were not strong enough to save him, so they gathered around him and joined their life forces to give him their combined lives to save his. The cat gave him her cunningness and her body, the butterfly gave him flight of its wings and the snake gave him his swiftness and his tail.
For that day on, he became the protector of all the creatures, big and small, of the forest. When any of his creatures were threaten, he would appear and defend them.


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