Dancing in hypermarkets

Hyper-05-72 Hyper-21-72 Hyper-01-72 Hyper-09-72

Denis Darzacq
Q: Construction of meaning: Describe, location (actual) and (social), the age, expression of the body (look for information in reference to the country where the photos where taken), light, etc, and articulate the meaning that you think this series has.


Location:  Hypermarkets of Rouen & Paris

Meaning I think this series has:  it is as if this younger generation is trying to defy the norms of society which is represented by gravity.  Thus, causing chaos in the orderly lives of the others in the store that is represented by the orderly and neatly stacked shelves.  The fluidness of their movement delivers a message of freedom.  The message of freedom is read from the fact that they are free of gravity’s hold on them in the picture while they are surrounded by order of the supermarket that is controlled by the owner(s) and in the end, society.  While, the dancers are not controlled by society at all or fake like the lights used in the store, meaning the fluorescents vs. sunlight.  Threw out the series Denis Darzacq is “showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness.”

He playfully produces tension between basics needs and spiritual growth.  All of his art is centered around the politics of this concept.




“Rancière has called a police order one which assigns, like Plato, place, occupation and attitude . The hypermarket, for

example, is entirely given over to the activities of selling, purchasing and consuming goods, in accordance with the values and laws of the market economy.


An unimaginable frontier had, it seemed, been crossed. Darzacq’s subjects – like Rancière’s politics – are such black swans. Beautiful, exceptional and shocking, they not only depart from the ‘normal’order, but challenge also our very modes of perception, the regimes of visibility to which we pay so little heed and yet which deeply structure our world and determine the limits of what we believe possible.”


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