Jeff Soto – week 12

Q: How do you perceive, or not, the influences of Cinema, popular culture, advertisement and graffiti in his work?

The words remind me of the old Batman TV shows, where instead of showing the punches connecting, they showed words instead.  The style is in a “graffiti” way and like the style I have seen wall murals done in.  I can see influences of the Cinema in some of the pictures, like the one titled “Gumivore Love” it’s like two alien innovators destroying earth and a plant and butterflies are fighting back.  The work “Turtle God” reminds me of some creatures from an 1984 anima movie called “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.”  I don’t really see much to do with advertisements or popular culture off the bat.art2003_gumivorelove art2003_riverside art2003_TurtleGod


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